Why Deal With Our Antics?

Antics Entertainment came to be in early 2020 when George & Mandi Sapon were visiting a local inflatable park in Madison, WI with their children. Why not offer something similar that's mobile, safe, stylish, caters to many age groups and is obsessed with service to their clients? Antics Entertainment was born. We are truly obsessed with servicing our clients to make sure their event is what they envision; down to re-filling and re-seeding holes left by our stakes.

We're governed by our Core Values. We live by, work by, and operate by "TECCI." Every interaction, every thought, every action is based on the following:

Teamwork - It takes not only our own dedication but our clients' dedication to make an event happen. We'll do it with you and make it special, as a team.

Excellence - We strive for it and we want nothing less for our clients and their events.

Commitment - We are committed to our team here at Antics and thus, we're committed to our clients; what we say is what we do.

Communication - This is a large factor on how we strive for excellence; great communication starts with listening to our clients.

Integrity - The most important core value; nothing else matters if we can't follow through and be trusted to get the event done the way you envisioned.

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